Xpanded XP4 Coverage

Includes all XP3 components plus the following;


Power window regulators and drives; front wiper motor including circuit board, relay and delay switch; manually operated switches for power windows, power seat(s), headlamps, wipers (front and rear), emergency warning flashers, horn button; trunk actuator and motor; hybrid power inverter assembly; hybrid system stator and rotor; hybrid system control units and sensors; fuel gauge sending unit; heated back glass elements (glass is not covered); rear wiper motor; heater blower motor; horn; factory installed sun/moon roof motor and its wiring harness and switches; convertible top motor and switches; radio and CD player (factory or dealer installed with factory approved parts only); power antenna motor, mast and switches.


Strut bar and bushings; spindles and spindle supports; Macpherson struts; shackle bushings and eye bushings; springs, torsion bars and bushings; stabilizer linkage and bushings; wheel bearings and seals; automatic leveling unit compressor, sensor and limiter valve.


Power assist booster and valve; combination valve; backing plates; springs, clips and retainers; self adjusters; rear activators; parking brake linkage and cables.


Control unit; actuator; mode selector; position sensor; rear tie rod assembly; rear gear assembly; cylinder barrel; centre joint; pinion; power steering housing is covered if damaged by the failure of an internal part.


Manual switches; expansion valve; dryer tank; accumulator; POA valve; high/low pressure cut-off switch; ducts and outlet hoses; automatic temperature control programmer.


Radiator; thermostat; heater core; hybrid cooling system blower motor and pumps.


Fuel pressure regulator; fuel injectors; fuel distributor; diesel injection pump.


Anti-detonation/knock sensor; ESC/EEC/ECM module; oxygen sensor; electronic module retard vacuum switch; electronic ignition module; igniter; electronic digital instrument cluster; digital driver information display and module; instrument panel printed circuit board; remote keyless entry transmitter and receiver (loss is not covered); heated side view mirror element; cruise control servo; module and transducer; compass; speed sensor; thermometer.


Glove box door and hinge; manually operated seat tracks; adjustable pedals; interior and exterior door handles; door hinges; map/courtesy light assembly; hood, trunk and hatch gas cylinders; hood, trunk and hatch hinges; bumper energy absorbers; speedometer head.


Step bumpers and mounting brackets; power tailgate actuator and motor; power winch motor, its controller and wire harness; power winch roller; spare tire carrier, swing arm, pivots, latches and locks; factory installed running boards, power running board actuator and motor; swing-out mirror arms, mounts, actuator and motor; pop-out or sliding side/rear window latches and hinges; convenience bed liner (not warpage); tailgate handle, lock, cables, hinges and latches; edge protectors; cargo lamp; tie downs; trailer hitch receiver, insert and plug receptacle; auxiliary fuel tank and its switch over valve.


Electronic control unit; anti-lock computer module; wheel speed sensors/exciters; proportioning valves; high pressure hydraulic pump; ABS modulator assembly; accumulator.


Air fuel ratio sensor; knock sensor; fuel pressure sensor; idle air control valve; intake air temperature sensor; Manifold Air Pressure (MAP) sensor; Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor; oxygen sensor; Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve; Delta Pressure Feedback EGR (DPFE) sensor; Powertrain Control Module (PCM); thermostatically controlled air intake; secondary air injection system; and throttle body assembly.


ONLY covered as required in the repair or replacement of a listed component above